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Geschichte und Hintergrund der Insel Siquijor auf den Philippinen


Geografische Lage der Insel Siquijor

Siquijor - Background and history

The Island of Siquijor is the smallest Province in the Visayas, Philippines. It is only 80 km in circumference and it is surrounded by four big islands namely, Cebu, Negros, Bohol and Mindanao. It is considered as a "tourist jewel" for it has a lot of coral reefs, beautiful bays, blue waters, lots and lots of shells and fishes. Its green and lustrous forests makes the island looks majestic and the people who are very friendly makes the island more lovable to stay.

We are happy to provide you with best practices and tips if you want to discover the island on your own. In the resort it is of course also possible to book a island tour where we will show you the most beautiful places. If you like we can combine this with picnics on the beach as well as guided snorkeling excursions for example. Read more about Siquijor at Wikipedia


From September to mid of May its very nice. In December and January the nights might be a little bit cooler and there might be some rain. From March until end of May its very hot with nearly no rain

Climate of Siquijor


climate table of Siquijor, Philippines 


The strong hurricanes (typhoon) in the last years did hit the Philippines mainly in the north. Beside strong rain, the island of Siquijor did not experience any greater damages